Welcome to Sew Darn Handy - a work of love, created in Georgia

This artisan craft is a true collaboration of love and respect between a brother and sister who are siblings and best friends. Wanda has a lifelong passion for sewing and quilting and one of Dan's favorite hobbies is wood working.

The original Sew Darn Handy was given as a gift to Wanda many years ago. Since that time it has been given to other family members who have found this sewing caddy handy and versatile, and who wanted one for their own use.

After kicking around an idea for a few years, Dan and Wanda decided that it was time for them to share what the family has enjoyed for all these years with other avid sewers and those that share an appreciation for American handmade goods.

Taking that concept to heart, this sewing organizer is made in America in the family's woodworking shop, and the materials, such as the select pine that make up the product as well as the accessories sold with this sewing tool, are all purchased from USA suppliers or are manufactured in the USA.

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